Waiting is Interminable

Is there anyone else who has not got their Club Little House delivery??? Everything looks so lovely. Patience is a virtue they say but it is hard to wait and wait and wait. Well it sure will be great to get the package. I'm so impressed by what you talented women have created. Softie and I continue to wait and listen for the postal carrier.

I found this little treasure for a dollar. It helped while some time away. I am looking for a doll family. Have people had good experience purchasing on ebay?


Anonymous said...

I hope your package arrives soon. I've ordered some bits and pieces from eBay and had good luck with most everything. Only one thing disappointed me and that was my own fault for not reading the description well. It was for a rug that I thought was ever so lovely. But it turned out to be just a picture printed on paper. So this "paper" rug is what inspired me to figure out how to make my own rugs.

My dollhouse doesn't have any residents either, except for a baby. My husband found a little plastic nanny doll in the parking lot but it's out of scale and I did receive a baby for the bassinet in the last CLH round.

Anne said...

Oh, Karen, I'm so sad that you haven't received your littles yet. I wonder if there is a tracking number for your parcel.
Had you considered that your postal carrier has a dollshouse and needed some new littles for it. lol
I have had great luck on ebay - except for the plastic dishes that smelled like the bottom of an ash tray! I put them in a tin with baking soda over night and in the morning they smelled perfect.
No one lives in my dollshouse either because I won't be adding a kitchen or a bathroom. lol
I hope your littles come today and that you'll be thrilled with everything you receive.

Saucy said...

I haven't got mine yet, either. I'm in Canada, so it may take some time to pass the border. I forgot to ask Amy to mark the parcel "gift" and I might have to pay a hefty fee to have it clear customs. I hope it comes soon!

Karen said...

Thnks for your comments. My eldest son uses ebay alot and is encouraging me to take the plunge. Im from Canada too so that must be a contributing factor.