Here is what my packaging and tag look like -a hint to what's inside :) Finishing up today for the mail tomorrow. :)



one of the littles that Saucy sent. I had to sneak a peek at them and now I'm afraid that I'll be devastated if I don't get one. Amy, will you be taking special requests? With pretty-please and sugar on it?


club little house report...

Lots of bundles of littles have arrived's all very exciting!

Here's whose packages I've received so far:

-My sister Jennifer
-Heather Blaire
-Anne Green
-Karen Gill
-Michelle White
-Amy Wilson
-Maggie Thacker
-Emmy Thacker
-Heather McClure
-Heidi Dicou

I'll update this list often. If your package was sent a while ago (over a week), please let me know.

Please comment to this post to let us know the status of your littles project.


Anne: My Packages ....

These little boxes were sent to Amy last week.

my package....

is winging its way to Amy as we speak!


GINA: Inspiration can be anywhere

Everyone that loves miniatures, doesn't necessarily have a dollhouse. Miniature worlds can be anywhere. So with just about 2 weeks left to get all the little packages in, I thought I would give a little inspiration that might spark the imagination.

Moon Light Kingdom fairy land
The table

Here is some wonderful inspiration. And what about this little miniature village! Click on the close ups of these little houses because they are just amazing. A review about a miniature food book, which is always good to know. And this wonderful site with tutorials. And then Here was a lot of links for doll houses and miniatures but it did have a lot of advertisements or pop-ups.



Email Amy to get the address for sending your package.


Shopping For Our Doll Houses...

I had so much fun at a doll house store today! It's all on my blog -


MICHELLE: My Favorite Doll Books

I am truly obsessed with dolls and dollhouses! These are some of my favorite books and authors. No one is better than Rumer Godden for doll books: "The Fairy Doll", "Miss Happiness and Miss Flower", "Little Plum", "The Doll's House" and "The Story of Holly and Ivy". Ann M. Martin: "The Doll People" and "The Meanest Doll in the World". Rebecca Caudill: "The Best Loved Doll". Jacqueline Hickey: "A Doll for Great-Grandmothe. Rachel Field: "Hitty, Her First 100 Years". I'm sure I'm forgetting some...if anyone has any doll books they love - please share them!!!

MICHELLE: Meet Allie...

This is our doll Allie and her house. My three daughters and I were given Allie and her house from a dear neighbor we lived next to in Norfolk, Virginia. Our neighbor, Allie, had no one to leave her dollhouse to, and when we moved home to San Diego she gave it to us so that she knew it would be passed into a loving family! How blessed are we?!? Allie's house needs a little redecorating, so I thought Club Little House would be a wonderful adventure.


A question for CLH members...

Hello, dolls! Last week, the first submission arrived (from early bird June!) Oh, is it ever wonderful!

I started thinking about doing things differently for this go 'round. In previous rounds, I only ever had as many as two groups going at once. Previously, everyone sent in 12 items, including one for themselves. And I divided groups up into two groups, depending on when their goodies arrived.

This time we have 4 groups. I thought I might like to mix it up. Since we have 4 groups going I think I can work it so that you won't get your own item back. Also, working this way, everyone will probably get a different mix of 12 little things. It'll be a bit more complicated but I think it would be better this way.

What do you think?