bundles of littles are on their way!

Due to arrive Friday, Sept. 21
Mo B.
Heather Rou.
Due to arrive Thursday, Sept. 20:
Due to arrive Wednesday, Sept. 19:
Amy W.
Crystal W.
Due to arrive Tuesday, Sept. 18:
Heather B.
Heather M.
Due to arrive Monday, Sept. 17:
Heather Row.
Arrived Saturday:
Mrs. Pilkington x
Gina x
Shar x
Keri x
Crystal T. x
Amy P. x
Bonni x
Maggie x
Arrived Friday:
Jennifer x
Emmy x
Karen G. x
Lorraine x
Pam x

If you're not on this list, your package is being shipped via U.S. Mail.

DAISY! I've been trying to get in touch with no luck. Please email me your shipping address.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited! I even bought a new dollhouse kit to put everything in. Of course I probably won't finish the house until this time next year - never saw so many pieces in my life - LOL!

Special thanks Amy for all of your hard work. What a task! And also to your helpers.



Oh the anticipation. As a former Club Little House participant, I know how exciting it is when "the box" arrives. It's like Christmas, I tell you.

Karen said...

Dear Dear DEAR Amy
WOW - the club little house parcels look amazing.
Thanks so much for creating this community and for all the work to co-ordinate and organize it. I cant remember when I have been in such a good state of extreme anticipation. The packages looks so sweet.
Its I am babbling -- giddy with excitement. Seriously I am so very grateful for your inspiration and dedication and leadership in channelling the energy of so many creative women

Take care

Karen said...

I posted a little entry about Club Little House on my blog Karen's Cosmos at bloggers - no spoilers for those who want to be surprised. This blog thing is new for me and I have just started it in a rather shaky fashion but you can get a bit of a sense of me from it. I have enjoyed reading the other club members blogs and thought I'd give it a try. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

How exciting--I have to say I will be ever so tickled when I see my name on the mailing list. But I'm good at waiting and am ever so great with keeping secrets.

How wonderful that Karen has started a new blog, too, and posted about Club Little House--now I don't feel so alone as just joining in the blogging fun. I'm dashing over to visit her now.

Tammy Gilley said...

Oh, I simply cannot wait! :)

Anonymous said...


I just received an email notice from FedEx that my package is on the way. I'm spinning in joy. Thank you, thank you, Amy!

Anonymous said...

I have a fedex e-mail notice, too. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

They're here! They're here! And Oh My Gosh, so wonderful. Better than I dreamed. I am in a state of Little Heaven.

You will all be so delighted!

Thanks everyone for your hard work! I'll be sending individual thankyous, but had to say a quick thanks for such a great experience.


shoe said...

I am without words. I have my littles!!!! I have spent a couple of hours taking pictures of my sweet babies. The flavor of my package was sweet. Christmas is September. Please, Amy, please, let me join onto the next club little house. I am rocked.

a pink-bee said...

Amy, My package arrived.... Oh can't wait to open it -have to though :( Having a party with guests for the opening and then will show it all on my blog.

Olugbemisola (Mrs.Pilkington) said...

I just opened my parcel and WOW! I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much to all of you, for sharing your time and talent! And Amy, you are phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE!!!!! My kids and I just opened so so carefully each and every little package. I CANNOT believe how wonderful everything is. I'm already thinking about next round...want to add more tiny tiny things to my swap next time, completely inspired by the amazing attention to detail by this round's crew! xo Corinne

Anonymous said...

Mine arrived - I'm waiting to open them until Saturday. But thank you so much for all of the work!

Claire said...

I got mine and boy are they fabulous! Thanks you so so so so much!

Anonymous said...

My package is here, my package is here! I just watched it sit on my front porch until my husband got home. We're having a "package opening party!"

Thank you, Amy, and all your little elves as well as the members. Have to go now, CLH glories to discover!