Miniature Dollhouse Fairs and Shows 2008

I’ve only been able to find shows scheduled up to October for 2008 but I’m sure there are more out there.

  • Jan. 4–5: Orlando, FL; Orlando Miniatures Show & Sale. Link
  • Jan. 11–12: Schaumburg, IL; Three Blind Mice Miniature Show. Link
  • Jan. 12: South Daytona, FL; Dollhouse and Miniatures Flea Market. Link
  • Jan. 13: Sarasota, FL; Sarasota Festival of Miniatures. Link
  • Jan. 25–26: Anaheim, CA; Tom Bishop's Southern California Miniatures Show & Sale. Link
  • Feb. 2–3: Orlando, FL; Orlando Festival of Miniatures. Link
  • Feb. 2–3: San Diego, CA; San Diego Miniature Crafters "Nostalgia in Miniatures" Show and Sale. Email: davnbuff@cox.net
  • Feb. 8–9: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 30th Annual South Florida Dollhouse Miniatures Show & Sale. Link
  • Feb. 9: Culver City, CA; 22nd Annual Miniatures West Show and Sale. Link
  • Feb. 15–16: Norcross, GA; Tom Bishop's 26th Annual Atlanta Miniatures Show. Link
  • Feb. 23–24: Phoenix, AZ; Small World Miniature Club 30th Annual Dollhouse Miniature Show & Sale. Link
  • April 3–5: Schaumburg, IL; Independent Miniature Artisans Chicago Show & Sale. Link
  • April 4–5: Schaumburg, IL; Tom Bishop's Chicago International Wholesale Trade Show. Link
  • April 4–6: Schaumburg, IL; Chicago International Dollshouse & Miniatures Show & Sale. Link
  • April 5: Victoria, B.C.; Show and Sale. Email: shirl.rose@shaw.ca
  • April 18–20: London, Ontario; 2008 Ontario Miniatures Gathering. Link
  • April 19–20: Boise, ID; 28th Annual Mini Les Bois Miniature Show and Sale. Email minigalb@aol.com
  • April 25–27: Chesterfield, MO; Gateway Miniature Fair Show & Sale. Link
  • May 9–10: Toledo, OH; Three Blind Mice Miniature Show. Link
  • May 10: Kingston, Ontario, Canada; MEKA Bi Annual Miniature Show. Link
  • May 31–June 1: Sturbridge, MA; Sturbridge Miniatures Festival. Link
  • June 6–7: Schaumburg, IL; Three Blind Mice Annual Miniature Show. Link
  • June 14–15: Tokyo, Japan; International Doll's House Miniatures Show. Link
  • July 12: Anaheim, CA; Southern California Summertime Miniatures Show. Link
  • July 18–19: Burlingame, CA; San Francisco Bay Area Miniatures Show. Link
  • August 9–10: Dayton, OH; 29th Annual Three Blind Mice Miniature Show. Link
  • Sept. 6: Oak Ridge, TN; Three Blind Mice Miniature Show. Link
  • Sept. 7: Baltimore, MD; Maryland Miniatures Festival. Link
  • Oct. 4: St. Louis, MO; Gateway Miniature Fair Show. Link
  • Oct. 4–5: Birmingham, UK; Autumn Miniatura International Dolls' House Show. Link
  • Oct. 10–12, Chesterfield, MO: Gateway Miniature Fair Show & Sale. Link
  • Oct. 19, McLean, Virginia: Washington DC Metro Area Tysons Corner Fall Festival 25th Anniversary Show. Link
  • Oct. 25–26, Portland, OR: Northwest Dollhouse & Miniature Show & Sale. Email: PatBennett@NWMiniatureShow.com

Miniature Dollhouse Fairs and Shows 2007

I attended the Tucson Miniature Society Show this past Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed all the amazing dollhouse creations, some shopping, and garnering ideas for the next round of Club Little House (no, I’ve no idea when or if Amy will do this—but just in case…).

This started me wondering what other miniature shows are out there. So I’ve been researching and thought I’d share my findings with you—both U.S. and international. I’m going to post the schedule in two separate posts. This one is for the balance of 2007.

  • Nov. and Dec.: UK; there are too many UK Miniature Fairs for these two months for me to list them all, so here is the link to the whole list

  • Nov. 3: Goshen, IN; Showcase of Miniatures. Email: pamela@ligtel.com

  • Nov. 3–4: Cherry Hill, NJ; Philadelphia Miniaturia 2007. Link

  • Nov. 4: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada; Small Wonders Miniature Club 10th Annual Show & Sale. Link

  • Nov. 10–11: Madrid, Spain; Tom Bishop's Dolls House Miniatures Fair. Link

  • Nov. 17: Largo, FL; 29th Annual Tampa Bay Miniature Enthusiasts Dollhouse & Miniatures Show & Sale. Link

  • Nov. 18: London; Tom Bishop's Dolls House Miniatures Fair. Link

  • Nov. 18: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Dollhouse and Miniatures Show and Sale. Email: georginawood@msn.com

  • Dec. 8–9: Louisville, KY; 1st Annual Three Blind Mice Show. Link


Beatrix Potter's dollhouse

Just wanted to let anyone interested know that on Nov. 9th - National Best Selling Author Susan Wittig Albert, who just released the 4th in the Beatrix Potter Mystery series- The Tale of Hawthorn House -will be doing a guest post on fairibees blog, the post will be about Beatrix Potter's Dollhouse !!!!
There will be a link on that post to enter a drawing for a copy of Tale of Hawthorn House. I can tell you it is a wonderful series :) Hope you can stop by to visit that day :)

You can click here to get to my blog - Susan , will be posting a picture of Beatrix's dollhouse on the guest post -that she took at Hill Top Farm !


Amish treasure

Lookie Lookie! I just bought this great set of Amish cast iron dollhouse furniture and family. Am I lucky or what? Along with my club little house treasures my houses are being joyfully filled with lovelies. Thanks again to my club sisters.


Lucky, Lucky You!!

Ohh all you lucky things...you're parcels of little's do look so wonderful.
I am also waiting for my package, but mine does have a very, very long way to travel.
I'm getting so excited now as it must be almost here, then I can join in with the Ohh's, Ahh's and the Wow's!!
Happy unwrapping you all and have fun in "Little World".


Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!!

At long last the parcel arrived today - my husband even emailed me at work to let me know. Then I had to work late and so just got home and opened it up now. Thank you Daisy, Amy P., Jennifer, Karen G., Keri, Anita, Crystal, Amy W., Amy Powers, Francie, Lisa and Bonni!!! Your gifts arrived and they are so special and so appreciated. I love each and every one of the littles.