Pirate house

This is my pirate house. I have restarted this project in anticipation of my littles. It has a rope ladder and hammock. The bottom floor has one wall that is plexiglass. My pirate girl likes to see the ocean when she is on land. The ceiling is painted with the constellations. Another thing my pirate likes.


Anonymous said...

Wow--I'm madly in love with your pirate dollhouse. What a brilliant and creative idea. Please share more of your project as you add things as I love this so much.

I'm working on making a small two-room Halloween dollhouse. Sort of like the room boxes mentioned in the previous post comments.

Thank you for sharing this project--it's fabulous!

Daisy said...

Although I don't message much on the "Little House" blog page and I hav'nt got a coool house to share with you all, I really do enjoy everybodys posts. Don't know about anyone else, but I would love it to be there always so that we can all swap housey ideas. Thank you Amy and everyone who has contributed. xxx

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

YARRRRRR....a mighty fine house it is !!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by. I look forward to making a new friend.

Anonymous said...

Arr, matey, I finally got me daughter a house! Would love to join in the fun next time the ship is sailing :)