hip hip hooray!

All the littles have arrived!

They are really all so wonderful...I can't wait for you all to see just how wonderful. I'm shooting to get your packages out to you next week. What a celebration it'll be! I love Saucy's idea of a tea party!


shoe said...

woo hoo! cannot wait!

a pink-bee said...

Yeah :) Thanks Amy.
The tea party idea is a good one :)

Anne said...

Yayyyyyyyyyy! I'm doing housecleaning in my little house so it will be all shiny bright and sparkling - ready for all the new littles.
Amy, all those little in one place must be so fantabulous and cute and fun. Oh,please do take some pictues so we can see.
I've ordered another tea set because I'm expecting lots of guests for the celebratory tea party.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know, Amy!

Just like Anne, I've been sprucing things up for the new little arrivals--I think all my neighbors are just as excited about the impending arrival of the The Package as I am. And I'm planning to join Saucy's virtual tea party.