So much fun

Dear CLH,

Thank you all for all the work you put into CLH. Amy, thank you especially for ALL the work you did to make it all happen. This was my first time, and it has been so much fun. I hope that you all have enjoyed it as much as I have.

I had a bit of a scare when my package was posted as delivered but it wasn' appeared 24 hours later, though, I was soooo happy. My dd called my mom, and we had a happy time opening everything. (Even though we did think about leaving all as-is 'cause it was all so sweet the way it came...but we got over that quickly enough!)

I've enjoyed seeing your stories and photos on your blogs also. It's been fun to see how others work, to read about some challenges, and fun to see my littles out there too!

Wishing you all a very happy 2009! May your year be full of fun and tiny treasures!



Thank You

Dear CLH members

My package arrived Christmas Eve and I loved every little bit. I will post some pics on my blog and send out some emails to the lovely women whose contributions I received soon but just wanted to thank you all and especially Amy for arranging this swap. May each one of you have a wonderful 2009!!


My Package Arrived

My CLH package arrived today and I have posted about it on my blog. I have included lots of pictures! Come and visit when you are ready. ~Mandy


on their way...

Look at all these boxes! They reached the ceiling! And guess what...they are on their way to you. Are you ready?

There was a minor setback so it took just a little bit longer to get all these packages ready. I can't wait for you to see all the goodies. I think this is the best round much really wonderful stuff. And the details are beyond fabulous. You'll see.

Comment here when your package arrives...and if you have any sort of celebration planned for the grand package opening, post pictures! Have fun!

My Blog has my submissions...

Here they are packaged up, don't visit my blog if you want to keep it all a surprise!
I am going to be stalking my mailman all week now!


My Project Revealed

When you are ready to see what I made for CLH, come visit me at Wish on a Whisker. ~Mandy


Club Little House

Ohh my Amy has divided up the CLH submissions -- so exciting!! See her blog!!!


LOL - Me and Martha

I bought Martha Stewart Living magazine - the one with all the beautiful cookies on the cover - and was enjoying flipping through it when a little more that halfway through I stopped and gasped. There is a photo of something similar to what I had made for CLH!!! Her version is life size and mine is dollhouse scale, but still me and Martha on the same track - unbelievable.

Club Little House Sneak Peek

I hope this sneak peek doesn't spoil the surprise too much. I'm knee deep in packaging up my littles for this round of Club Little House. The sorting party is on Monday and friends are coming over to help package up littles and send them off. It's going to be so much fun.

My Little's Sneak Peek

Hi everyone, I bet you all are just as excited for the Little's to arrive in your mail box as I am. I am trying to be patient. :-) I have just posted a picture of my Little's all wrapped up. Take a look here



A good Tuesday to you all! While we're waitin', just thought I'd pop in and say hi! We had a package on the doorstep yesterday, and dd said- "I'll bet it's your swaps!" Just a little anticipa-a-tion, here too.

I just have to ask- are any of you members of N.A.M.E.?

mini hugs.