ANNE: Doll House Lady

I found the most wonderful shop of miniatures only to discover it is going out of business! Everything in the store is 40% off. What a windfall for someone who wants the most gorgeous of the miniatures! It's at 2327 Huntington Drive in San Marino, CA. I could have easily spent $$$ on some of the incredible items.

Edited to add: Forgot to tell you the name of the shop - Doll House Lady


SAUCY: coupon code

Hi everybody!

I was sourcing out supplies for the swap on eBay and the www this weekend and was sent a coupon code for purchases... to pass on to CLH members too so here it is... from Deb at Dollhouse Miniatures:


I made you a Discount Coupon Code that you can use when you shop on my website at - you can share it with your mini friends too! The coupon code is SUMMERSFEST.

The coupon is good for 5% off your website purchases until September 30, 2007. The Discount Coupon code is NOT VALID on eBay purchases, it only works in our site at You can search for specific items, shop by category or shop by room -whichever is easier for you. Don't forget to take a peek at the main page of my website -that's where the new minis go first and also the weekly sales. I have over 500 minis in Latest arrivals that aren't on eBay yet....


I hope this is of interest to some of you. Have a great week!
- Sasha

FARIEBEES: Vintage adoption

I am having a drawing for this vintage doll on July 1st. If you want to be in the drawing you just leave a comment on my blog in the June 25th post of the doll- fairiebees. :)


past submissions

Here's a list of links for Club Little House inspiration...

First, be sure to join our Flickr group:

Club Little House on Flickr

Recently there are lots of things from other people who've posted there. But it's all very inspiring.

Here are more Club Little House submissions from previous rounds, and some from the one-on-one swap:

From Saucy

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Turkey Feathers



allsorts, again

A post from me

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a peek at what the packaging looks like


Another from Turkey Feathers

Another from Alicia

Saucy's one on one swap

June's Flickr spot, including photos of past CLH submissions

I'm sure I missed some...this process of gathering links was clumsy. If I missed any, please add to the list in the comments section...


CINDY: it's a small world

It's a small world! I have been persuading Teresa, Miss Foof herself, for the last year to sign up for Club Little House with me. She wanted to ... really bad ... but she doesn't have a house. A dollhouse that is. She couldn't stand it one more minute and signed up. This weekend I was at her fabulous "Sparkle Bella" event in Arizona. I had met Michelle White for the first time a few weeks ago in California. We were all three shopping together this weekend when Michelle said "I'm looking for dollhouse items." My ears perked up and I said "Dollhouse?" She replied "Yes I'm in this group called "Club Little House." So there I was - with Miss Teresa from Omaha and Michelle from California with all three of us sharing the common bond of Club Little House. It is a small, small world.


HEATHER: What in tarnation??

OK...after Karen's post about Ullabenulla and her beautiful pictures of amazing miniatures I went to check it out (of course). WOW! My little farmhouse can't compete with some of the things she has on her blog, but I'll give you a peek anyway. My mom bought me a dollhouse kit for my birthday in February and I've been slowly putting it together. I have four little girls, so I work on it when I can. It still needs the front porch and some inside work done.

Anyhoo, since my dollhouse isn't too exciting YET I thought I'd tease you with what I'm making for the Club Little House exchange. Tee hee hee... No worries, it's not anywhere near finished.

You'll never guess what it's going to be!!


KAREN: Inspiration

In poking around the internet looking for inspiration for creating the little items for the exchange (and just dreaming about dollhouses) I came across this link to UllaBenulla regarding miniatures and wanted to share it with you. And the most delightful surprize near the end of the post was her credit to Amy. It's a Club LittLe World after all. Click here to see.

SASHA: To paint or not to paint - that is the question!

In my family we have jolly good arguments about crafts. My father and I have been working on my dollhouse for years. Like June's, it swivels on a turntable that my dad made for it! As you can see, I haven't painted the outside of the house. I just can't decide on a finish. My mother likes it left "au naturel" but I think it should have a vintage-y stain to it, so it looks like it needs a paint job but the inhabitants are too bust throwing birthday parties and eating cakes. Which is, of course, the truth, but more about that some other day. In the meantime, the guard dog is in his fenced part of the yard... my dad carved him to look like our old German Shepherd, Bailey.

I'll tell you a little something: if you turn Bailey's fire hydrant... the lights inside the house come on. See you all soon!


JUNE: Beach Dollhouse Adventures

What a thrill to be able to join in this new Club Little House venture! We are all here because we share a love and fascination for the tiny 1/12-scale treasures that we buy, make, or share to fashion little vignettes of tiny worlds we construct for ourselves.

In reading about the history of dollhouses (Wikipedia), I was amazed to discover that “Today's doll's house traces its history directly back about four hundred years to the ‘baby houses’ of Europe.” It’s fascinating to think that we’re adding to the dollhouse story and maybe our dollhouses will, over time, delight others long after we’re gone.

My dollhouse is a beach house—a gift from my loving parents and sister when my husband and I married. It is constructed on stilts so it doesn’t get washed out to sea during hurricanes. The whole thing is constructed on a platform which sits on a lazy-susan so I can turn it around to play with it. My dad made a mixture of sand from our home beach with glue he adhered to the platform to emulate the house actually being on a beach near the water’s edge.

The little things I have so far amaze me. There is a golf club set ready to go on the front porch, a tiny IRS form for filing your taxes (even in dollhouse world, I guess we can’t escape), a minuscule box of aluminum foil, itsy-bitsy croissants, frosted donuts and yummy brownies in their own bakery packages, a miniature hurricane lamp (so necessary for power outages during storms) and so on. Under the house are our cars, surfboard, rowboat, life jackets, and other assorted toys associated with the beach.

Some of the wonders that furnish my dollhouse are due to Club Little House. This clever group of dollhouse lovers has provided fabulous creations such as a Herm├Ęs bag and box, artist’s easel with its accompanying canvas and palette, beds, dishes, blueberry pie, pie safes, china cabinets, cradles, Halloween treats, and so on. The imaginations of the wonderful club members inspire and astound me.

I’m hard at work on my Club Little House project and hope you will love it as much as I love making it for you. May your dollhouse days be full of sunshine and joy!



PINK BEE: Vintage Clara

This is my first time in Club Little House, am so excited about it.
Here is Vintage Clara, right after arriving by post. She moved into the little pink doll cottage
She loves her cottage and set about decorating it.
Wall papering the walls was a big job for her.
But, it came out perfect. Now for making Vintage Clara some new clothes.

CINDY: Meet Emily.

Meet Emily. She is the newest edition to our dollhouse. She's getting ready to draw a bath. We just returned from a vacation in San Diego where we found a darling little children's toy store in Old Town. We bought Emily and a little crawling baby for the nursery. This is my second time as a member of Club Little House and I couldn't be more thrilled. My daughter, Taylor, and I have been having fun coming up with ideas for our next project. Club Litttle House is so much fun and a wonderful way to make new friends. I was also a participant in a Club Little House swap and met my swap partner, Anastasia, from Australia. We've been emailing ever since and hope to meet in person one day. We still have a lot of work to do on our dollhouse, but it's lots more fun collecting items for it, than finishing the window trim and flooring. Someday!


I did my best to remember member's blogs and add them to the blogroll but I'm sure I've accidently left some out. If you are left out, please comment here with your blog address and I'll add ya lickety split.

Oh, and if, for whatever reason, you'd like your blog removed (or the listing changed) please just let me know.

welcome to club little house...

I thought we could use this blog as a way to communicate with each other about Club Little House. If you are a member of Club Little House, send an email and you will be added to the authors list of this blog. Then you can feel free to post updates, pictures, stories, etc. You can also participate by commenting on other's posts.