a new little house!

I've had an idea that had been on the back burner since I participated in CLH December 2008 and finally I am acting on it. The idea is to create a dollhouse environment combining my little drawings along with miniatures, then photograph the scenes to develop a picture storybook. And if all goes as planned some stop motion animation too!

I have no idea how this will turn out but I am excited to have a project that will be purely experimental and just for me.

I searched for dollhouses on Craigslist hoping to find a used one. But there wasn't anything that fit what I had in mind. I'm still on the lookout for old dollhouse furniture that is 1/12 scale, so if you have some you don't want let me know!

After much searching I decided on this house from HomeDepot:

My dollhouse arrived today!

This weekend I put it together and blogged about it here!

I really hope we'll be able to do Club Little House again one day. It was so much fun and now I have so many ideas!