LOL - Me and Martha

I bought Martha Stewart Living magazine - the one with all the beautiful cookies on the cover - and was enjoying flipping through it when a little more that halfway through I stopped and gasped. There is a photo of something similar to what I had made for CLH!!! Her version is life size and mine is dollhouse scale, but still me and Martha on the same track - unbelievable.

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Saucy said...

Ummm... how can I say this without sounding horrible? I have come to the conclusion that maybe our Martha is an idea thief and that would explain why you were on the same wavelength! I am convinced that she surfs the blogs (or has her staff do so) and they "tweak" ideas... because really... there are only so many original ideas...

I bet you $$$ she or a staffer saw your CLH contribution on one of the blogs or yours. Seriously.