A good Tuesday to you all! While we're waitin', just thought I'd pop in and say hi! We had a package on the doorstep yesterday, and dd said- "I'll bet it's your swaps!" Just a little anticipa-a-tion, here too.

I just have to ask- are any of you members of N.A.M.E.?

mini hugs.


karen said...

what is N.A.M.E.? if I'm asking I guess I am not a member

Lisa W. said...

LOL! I was wondering the same thing, what is N.A.M.E?


Anonymous said...

So glad you asked....lol!
It's National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts- (although there are members in many countries!) it's artists, crafters and collectors of minis. There are conventions and workshops- think Silver Bella, but everything is little! Here's the site: www.miniatures.org

karen said...


Lisa W. said...

Thanks Lynne! I am going there now to check it out. :-)