Lucky, Lucky You!!

Ohh all you lucky're parcels of little's do look so wonderful.
I am also waiting for my package, but mine does have a very, very long way to travel.
I'm getting so excited now as it must be almost here, then I can join in with the Ohh's, Ahh's and the Wow's!!
Happy unwrapping you all and have fun in "Little World".


Karen said...

Dear Daisy

Its worth the wait let me tell you!! I peeked at some of the blogs because I just could not stand it and even so there was still this huge wow in openingt he parcels and holding and seeng the littles in person.

Anne said...

I still have all my little together in one place because I just can't quit looking at them. There is so much attention to detail and so many clever ideas - I'm just thrilled with everything. Daisy, I promise you, it will be worth the wait!

shoe said...

when they do arrive you should have your camera ready and a cup of hot chocolate. settle in and have a slow enjoy. it really did feel like my personal Christmas. you will be very happy.

Olugbemisola (Mrs.Pilkington) said...

Oh my goodness is it ever worth the wait! I am in awe of the talent and love that went into everyone's littles. I keep taking photographs to post on my blog, but none of seem good enough. Have a wonderful time with your treats!