Beatrix Potter's dollhouse

Just wanted to let anyone interested know that on Nov. 9th - National Best Selling Author Susan Wittig Albert, who just released the 4th in the Beatrix Potter Mystery series- The Tale of Hawthorn House -will be doing a guest post on fairibees blog, the post will be about Beatrix Potter's Dollhouse !!!!
There will be a link on that post to enter a drawing for a copy of Tale of Hawthorn House. I can tell you it is a wonderful series :) Hope you can stop by to visit that day :)

You can click here to get to my blog - Susan , will be posting a picture of Beatrix's dollhouse on the guest post -that she took at Hill Top Farm !


shoe said...

tell me how, tell me more. sounds great!

Junie Moon said...

What fun--this is going to be great!

Karen said...

thanks for letting us know

Anne said...

I've just ordered Albert's new book from the library. How fun! Thanks for the head's up!

Dani said...

Don't forget to enter all the blog tour book drawings for a chance at the grand prize! Mine is the last stop at

I wish I could make my blogger site look as great as yours. How in the world did you do that? :D Gorgeous! I'll be back to visit!

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