CLH for our boys?

Totally acknowledging that Amy has full veto power on all CLH ideas and suggestions, I'd love to know if other CLH contributors have sons who are enjoying the swapping as much as their daughters? My 7-year-old son has loved both the swaps and watching me make things for the swaps and in the interest of nurturing his creative/gentle spirit as much as my daughter's, I'm wondering if there would be any interest in a "boys in mind" CLH swap?

I'm seeing miniature dart boards, baseball cards, furniture and cooking supplies in darker colors, boys' books and magazines, animals galore, (maybe a miniature aquarium?), mini mini legos, board games, etc. All stuff that girls would like too...but more boy focused.

Again, it doesn't mean it will happen, but I'm curious if there's interest?

xo corinne


Saucy said...

Don't forget the big boys! My husband Ben has been so intrigued by this whole thing he announced the other day that since he was looking for a new hobby... well he thinks he might make a new little house for it and then put it up for sale, sort of like a mini-real-estate mogul. He's too cute and funny. But he was dead serious!

Karen said...

My little guy is 7 too and would love it if there was a boy theme He is a big fan of the Borrowers and Stuart Little and the minis they use.

Daisy said...

A few years ago when my "little boy" was actualy little I would have said "too right" on his behalf, nowadays, I would say yes for me...I think that i's a cool idea.
Love "Saucy's" hubby's new career...good for him.

Anita said...

I have a 7 year old boy who is a bit jealous of his 6 year old sister getting to join and know he would love a "boy" themed exchange.

Claire said...

I would LOVE a boys in mind CLH. I have an almost 4 year old son who has been soooo interested in my dollhouse stuff, butit is all so girly.