One of the members who I hadn't heard from just emailed to say she wouldn't be able to send in her littles due to a series of family emergencies. I pray everything will be okay in her world and that all will settle down soon.

In the meantime, we have a little problem...I know this is terribly late notice but would any of you like to submit another dozen littles, thus participating in 2 rounds of the 4? You wouldn't need to send the same things but you most certainly can, if that's easier for you.

The catch is that I'd need them to arrive to me by the end of next week, at the latest.

Any takers?

Sweet Miss June has saved the day! I've heard from all of the members and we are all set.

To those who have outstanding submissions, please try to get them to me by next week at the latest. Thanks!


Junie Moon said...

Amy, I will be happy to help out. If you like what I made and sent to you, I can quickly make up 12 more. Just let me know.

Daisy said...

Knowing how long it takes for items to get to you from me...I wont be able to make it in time. The spirit is very,very willing, but the postal service is weak. So very sorry I can't take up, I would have loved to have one of those "This is where I come in" Moments!! Good luck Amy Dear.
Daisy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy-
I didn't sign up because I wasn't sure how my time was going to go this summer, and I see June already volunteered. However, if you have anyone else drop out and need a participant, let me know. I think I could pull it off!

Claire said...

I can do 12 more, too.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I just wanted to let you know my package was sent out today (8/7) to you Priority Mail. I'm terribly sorry to be a week late in mailing and I hope it doesn't hold things up. For some silly reason I was thinking they were due the 15th....


Melissa Hubbell

Karen said...

Hi Amy - best laid plans have gone a little awry but I am done!!! My 12 littles will go out to you Monday am Aug 13. Thanks for your patience and so sorry for the delay at my end. The house move and work have eaten up too much of me but working on the littles project has been great.