Hello!! from shar

I haven't introduced myself yet because I have been sanding and painting and my fingers were sore and couldn't type anymore. Hi! I'm Shar. I think this is my third CLH and I am so excited. I have been thinking of what I was going to make since last year's CLH. I have had one mess up though. I broke one of my molds - in half. So I have had to make a little adjustment. I should finish painting today and hopefully they will be in the mail tomorrow.

Here is a quick picture of the molds to get some idea of what I am making!! Just think FOOD!!
p.s. - check out my blog... I need to update it with CLH's pictures tonight.


Lynne said...

Oh, my goodness...! This is getting more exciting. I'll check out your blog again later today- just saw a peek of the eye candy-

karen said...

I'm getting hungry

Jenna Z said...

Oooh, wow!! I thought about making food and I am glad I didn't because it looks like yours will be much more spectacular!

Wish on a Whisker said...

Neat! ~Mandy