An Introduction...

Hello! I thought I'd introduce myself, seeing as I've been stalking so many of your blogs and spending hours going through the Flickr photostream of CLH! My name is Jo, I live the UK, and when I came across Club Little House (in a very roundabout way, I might add!) I was so excited but never for one moment thought I'd ever get in to such a fabulous group. I am amazed at the littles that have been made in previous swaps, and I can't wait to see what littles there'll be in this swap.
I have posted a little sneak peak on my blog, so don't click my link if you want to be completely surprised! It's only a small part of the bigger picture, so it's not going to ruin the surprise completely, but still.
If you do pop over to my blog, leave me a comment, so I know which one of my countless visitors you were ;-)
Better yet, why not add an introduction here, I'd love to 'meet' more of the club members!